Purpose-built data center

Located on the east side of downtown Toronto, 7L Networks' data center colocation was originally established in 1999 and has been in private ownership ever since. Our professional team built, control, manage, maintain, and own the facility. When you colocate servers with 7L, you're colocating with the data center itself, not a 3rd party reseller. We guarantee the best value for your money. You get significant operational savings by dealing directly with us, the data center owners.

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Precision power

We receive power from our adjacent power substation within a secured property, separating it from the regular local power grid. With an expandable electrical capacity of 1800 Amps and four 200 Amp sub panels on an isolated switch, we can easily accommodate all power requirements. Additionally, 7L maintains a strong working partnership with Toronto Hydro, the local utility provider, including ongoing support when facing demand for a larger power supply.


7L relies on digital video surveillance throughout the entire building including the data center. All visitors to the data center must be escorted by a member of the 7L team or utilize electronic key cards. Network monitoring assets are in place and proactively watch for unusual and unwanted network traffic activities and spikes that could potentially impact your services.

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Network and Peering

7L Networks operates an advanced network infrastructure on national provider arrangements, delivering best-in-class network peering. Utilizing redundant fiber strands via separate fiber entry points for complete IP transport redundancy, our core network uses BGP4 routing protocol and the bandwidth is 100% multi-homed. Currently, our data center network supports the IPv4 protocol and will soon support IPv6.

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7L Networks Supports GlobalMedic

GlobalMedic is a charity that aims to serve our global community by helping the ones in need and saving lives in crisis areas all over the world.

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