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You need functionality, not excuses - service, not expensive infrastructure. That's why 7L cloud virtual machines meet the most intensive computing demands. Built-in load balancing delivers premium results, standard, automatically, and affordably. Technology entrepreneurs to enterprise organizations rely on our underlying layers of technology, without the technical confusion.

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Premium Storage

7L cloud storage is designed to support I/O intensive VM workloads, and is configured to meet your high performance requirements.

You can attach multiple disks at any time to your VM, or grow existing disks, delivering ultimate flexibility at your command.

Open Source Freedom

Deploy a full range of open source software solutions and choose from a variety of open operating systems on a 7L cloud VM. There's choice of a full range of Linux distributions like Ubuntu and CentOS, and open source solutions such as Docker and Wordpress. We've made it simple and fast.

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Save Money, Be an I.T. Hero

Grow business, not infrastructure costs.

For rapid development and testing, frequent stopping and starting, or scaling on-demand, when deploying virtual machines on 7L cloud, you pay for only what you need.

Deploy, grow, and destroy VM instances on demand, as your needs change.

Console or Graphical Interface

Choose to deploy virtual machines in graphical mode for point-and-click simplicity on Linux and Windows, or take command and choose the performance and speed of console-based SSH on your Linux cloud VM.

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Virtual Machine Snapshot

Restore state, data, and configuration of VM computing environments with virtual machine snapshots. Increase efficiency by launching duplicate virtual machines for rapid development cycle and iteration, or test activities. Or deploy production virtual machines from development snapshots.

7L cloud VM hosting is like an unlimited supply of servers ready to perform at your command.

Launching Your First Virtual Machine Instance

3 easy steps to get your VM launched in just minutes

  1. Create your 7L Networks account (or log in)
  2. Launch cloud instance
  3. Store files, media, and more

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7L Networks Supports GlobalMedic

GlobalMedic is a charity that aims to serve our global community by helping the ones in need and saving lives in crisis areas all over the world.

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Live Chat, Email or Call Us +1(866)639-5123

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