MySQL Cloud Database

Deploy cloud databases in minutes with ease. 7L’s cloud platform provides powerful databases that run fast, scale quickly, and deliver redundant, reliable storage to demanding applications.

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Scale Up, Scale Down

Our MySQL database cloud platform is designed to be flexible. We give you easy and fast access to scaling choices that enable your application to grow with your users, or to scale down during development cycles and less demanding periods.

Fully Managed Cloud Database

Worry-free replication and load balancing, as well as patch, security, and database management. 7L database hosting services enable confidence through dependable application data and content delivery.

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Database Snapshot

Restore state and configuration of MySQL data with snapshots. Increase efficiency by launching duplicate databases for rapid development cycle and iteration, or test activities. Deploy production databases from development instances or development databases from production snapshots to increase application or product launch speed.

Two Tiers for Innovation

Our MySQL cloud database is offered in two service tiers which you can blend for innovative architecture to meet your unique modern app design needs. Database Lite tier is designed to support light-weight workloads where cost and resource efficiencies are most important. Database Heavy tier powers intensive, large-scale applications that have established demanding workloads, and new business activities with compute-heavy designs.

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Deploy Your Cloud Database

3 easy steps. Get access to your website launched in just minutes

  1. Create your 7L Networks account (or log in)
  2. Launch cloud database instance
  3. Store files, media, and more

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Live Chat, Email or Call Us +1(866)639-5123

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