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The Docker open platform is used by eBay, Spotify, Google, Yelp and Baidu. Portability helps large enterprises stay agile and empowers smaller businesses with affordable, fast deployment of resources. Build, ship, and run applications, unchanged, on desktops, laptops, Windows, OS X, Linux, virtual machines, 7L cloud, and other cloud hosting providers. No vendor or platform lock-in. Run identical containers in development, staging, and production.

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Encourages Innovation and Experimentation

Our Docker containers help developers build and ship higher-quality applications, faster.

Increase testing speed and shorten development cycles with rapid container deployment and dependency isolation. Workflow automation, and cloud application sharing, fosters development and innovation by encouraging “next step” and risk-free experimental thinking.

13,000 Apps and Counting

Developers can get going quickly by deploying one of 13,000+ apps available on Docker Hub. For sysadmins, Docker’s dependency and change management simplifies understanding how their developer’s app-builds work. For developers, Docker Hub can automate build pipelines, and share with collaborators through public or private repositories.

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Launch Your First Docker Container

3 easy steps. Get access to your Docker container in just minutes

  1. Create your 7L Networks account (or log in)
  2. Launch web hosting platform
  3. Store files, media, and more

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7L Networks Supports GlobalMedic

GlobalMedic is a charity that aims to serve our global community by helping the ones in need and saving lives in crisis areas all over the world.

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